Monthly Archive: April, 2013

My Space

With my limited ability to venture out right now, I decided to take a grand adventure…out my back door.  Our house is on a relatively large piece of property (as far as Old… Continue reading

Spring in OOB – Part II

With the help of my driver (aka Raina, my loving wife!), I was able to venture out into the sunshine and around town.  Thanks to the great weather we’ve been having, life has… Continue reading

Insomnia and the Law of Unintended Milkshakes

So, I’ve discovered that one of the side affects of prednisone happens to be insomnia, and that  it has a negative impact on ice cream.  Strange, I  know, but I’ll show you the… Continue reading

Spoke too soon…

OK…after a few revisions and some minor tweaks (basically, I started from scratch and redesigned the whole thing) I now think I have finalized what I want my blog to look like and… Continue reading

Spring in OOB

The goal of this project is to document the change of season in a resort community.  Old Orchard Beach, a small town on the coast of Southern Maine, is also known as the… Continue reading


This is a collection of sunrise work that I did in 2011.  These images are from The Rocks on Old Orchard Beach, which are only visible at dead low tide, The Pier in… Continue reading

Lungday and a Breakfast of Champions

Today I’m taking a pulmonary function test to determine if my lungs are performing normally or if they are being impacted by sarcoid.  My O2 saturation has been fluctuating between 90-98%, unsure why. … Continue reading


It’s only taken four attempts, but I think I’ve finally decided on a theme that I can work with for my photoblog.  Your feedback is both welcomed and appreciated!  Thanks!!!