Insomnia and the Law of Unintended Milkshakes

So, I’ve discovered that one of the side affects of prednisone happens to be insomnia, and that  it has a negative impact on ice cream.  Strange, I  know, but I’ll show you the connection.  You see, I’ve taken it in the past but for a short term and in a lower dose without too many complications.  It appears as if the long-term high-dose is going to be a little different.  It could also prove beneficial to Hannaford.  Prednisone, it’s not just a treatment, it’s an adventure!

You see, two nights ago I was not able to fall asleep until 2am.  After that it was a night of pure restlessness resulting in no quality sleep.  My trusty recliner was letting me down was my fear!  But no, last night was much the same.  I was able to fall asleep around 11pm…but only until 3am…and then the next batch of restlessness kicked in.  A nap during the day yesterday never materialized either.  The kids cooperated, the weather was great, all conditions were go.  Yet sleep would not come.

It must be the lack of sleep!  Yeah, that's it!

It must be the lack of sleep! Yeah, that’s it!

Therefore it is on this that I blame the unintended milkshake.  Raina made a very yummy, homemade hot fudge sauce a few days ago.  That fits in perfectly with the increased appetite from the same prednisone.  Add a few scoops of icecream and the after dinner snack is complete!  Raina got her portion (ladies first), then I served myself…I added a little whipped cream to mine.  I put everything away and sat down to enjoy my treat.  It wasn’t until I was making school lunches this morning that I noticed I had put everything away in the refrigerator…including the ice cream.  So, now we have the unintended milkshake.  Raina may just have to drive me to Hannaford…we still have hot fudge left!