Spring in OOB – Part III

Afternoon sun casts shadows on the boardwalk, Dune Street, Ocean Park,

Afternoon sun casts shadows on the boardwalk, Dune Street, Ocean Park,

With each passing day, there has been plenty of sunshine and warmth.  The grass is greening up, daffodils are in open, and a myriad of other blooms have pushed through the last vestiges of winter, longing for spring.  More and more people are venturing out, both locals and “from away”, to explore the rebirth of Old Orchard Beach.  In all of this activity there is the feeling that the summer season is just around the corner, and the local businesses are hoping that the level of excitement continues to grow.

What good is a resort town, if it doesn’t have a wide array of culinary delights?  Old Orchard Beach has it all!  There are teenagers waiting in line for a slice of Bill’s Pizza after school, folks looking for a nice dinner heading into the Bell Buoy restaurant, sweets connoisseurs exploring all that Dickinson’s Candy Factory has to offer, and a stop for a cold treat at Rinaldi’s Homemade Ice Cream.  Or, if you want it your way, you can stop by Miss Meghan’s Lobster Catch to grab a few soft-shells.  When it comes to cuisine, downtown Old Orchard Beach has something for everyone.

This is also a great time of year for the local residents to enjoy their community.  One of the big draws in spring is Little League Baseball and Softball.  This year over 140 boys and girls signed up to participate, which is a record high.  That many kids playing means a large group of “fans” coming to support them.  The weather has been spectacular, and the turnout for the opening ceremonies and games has reflected it.  This is the type of activity that a small community needs to promote being a good neighbor and to solidify friendships.

As this saga continues, we’re seeing more and more of the potential energy becoming kinetic in OOB.  From casual fare to fine dining, from sweets and treats to local sports, there a new reasons daily for individuals, couples, families, and groups to visit and enjoy The Canadian Riviera.  There are just over three weeks left until Memorial Day, the official launch of OOB’s tourist season and I, for one, cannot wait.  It is exciting to take the time to witness the town I love awakening once again.